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Open access (OA) is shaping the future of scholarly publishing, and Asian Research Index (ARI) is working hard to build an open future for the greater good of community.

It’s our mission to help the authors in publishing their scholarly work better, fast, and free of cost. We help researchers make their findings open to all, giving them the opportunity to create real impact and drive positive change across the world. Open access is crucial to achieving this. We believe that it is the key to building a fairer, more equitable society. One where everyone can access and benefit from discoveries – including researchers, funders, policymakers and the general public.

This includes developing services that will help you – whether you’re the one publishing, the one reading, or the one managing the entire process – to make important research more easily available.

Yes. Choosing to publish open access is easy and straightforward. It refers to the free, permanent, and unrestricted online access to scholarly research. Start your open access publishing by submitting a manuscript to ARI, and you will be on your way to making a real-world impact with your next publication.

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